Thursday, February 5, 2009

One of Our Pups

This is Sid who was adopted by a sweet couple who has kept in touch. I had the photos on another blog, but had issues logging in, so I moved them here. These pictures tell us Sid has been very well cared for, is loved and is also wearing some stylish threads! Have you ever seen a more content pooch?! Thank you for updating us, Mary! It gives us a real joy to see our pups so happy in their new homes!

"Sid has been so wonderful and naughty haha jk!! He is such a blessing in our lives and is so sweet and affectionate. He is resting with us right now on the couch, he knows were talking about him. haha. Anyways thought we would update you with some photos of him. He hasn't gotten too much bigger at all, he just looks more grown up and his tail is fatter. We LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!! we are moving to a new apartment soon, not too far from here, I think he will find it nice in our new place, he adjusts well to change. Thank you!!! God Bless You"