Friday, July 8, 2011


We put these pictures here so you could see the puppies in a group setting enjoying their day. Please use the identifying number and letter given below in the descriptions of each individual puppy. This helps us keep the puppies straight in our heads so we know for certain which one you are referring too. When there are similarities in appearances and many callers, it can get confusing!


I smell milk!

"This is the strangest smelling dog I've ever met."

Amanda's cat Hope is very patient with the puppies as long as they are not near her newborn kittens.

You're little when a mushroom can give you shade!

Wrestle Mania Chihuahua Style

Neither knew the other one was there until they ran into each other!

big yard, little dogs

Miracle's kitten could not get over her fascination with this silver pup.

more wrestling

Enough with the camera already, come PLAY with us!!!