Friday, July 8, 2011

Difference Between 8 Week Chihuahua Puppy and 7 Week German Shepherd Puppy

We learned a lot of people are being referred here by other breeders before buying a toy sized puppy. We think that is wonderful because education is so key in the care of these tiny pups.

Chewbacca the Wooky "Chewy" is our new puppy. He is 8 weeks old in this picture. The borrowed German Shepherd is 7 weeks old. We wanted to show the vast difference in size to help people who adopt our puppies understand the needs of the toy breed puppy better. It's not just the visual size that is different. The bone structure of the toy breed is more delicate. If you have previously owned a large dog like a lab, you have to realize toy sized puppies have different needs.

Toy puppies are very tiny when you adopt them. Their life will literally be in your hands. You will have to take care to protect them from other pets, active children, and even your own feet. You will have to check blankets and piles of clothing because they like these places for a nap and will completely cover themselves up. You will have to look before you sit down on the couch or plop down on a bed. If you can not give them the proper care and attention they need, please don't adopt them. Every member of our family puts time, money, and love into these pups. It is our goal to see them bless the people who adopt them with joy while receiving in return excellent care while living long, healthy lives.
As with all of our dogs, we recommend you spay or neuter your pet. We will always take a dog back with the goal of rehoming in case something happens and you can't keep them. We do not want any of our dogs ending up in shelters.